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Uodol Fish Tank

Contribute on your salesforce with our 3,500 fish tanks installation experience

We created a new fish tank years later after our establishment, called Uodol Fish Tank. It was design to be simple & space saving fish tank,that can be place in any store. Uodol Fish Tank is introduce as a flat rate and comes with a small size, mainly for restaurant use. It is suitable to place infront of the restaurant as it has a very eye catchy design which can attract more customers. Knowing that a fish tank is placed in the restaurant, more customers might come by as fresh fish dishes will be serve on the spot. By using our Uodol Fish Tank, your restaurant is able to have an improvement on image and salesforce.

Regular maintenance service

We will regularly visit and inspect your equipment. (inspection items:Cooler・Pumps・Water temperature・Aeration・Water quality inspection, etc)※1
Seawater exchange work will be carried out at regular intervals. ※2
Priority response in case of emergency. ※3

  • 1  Daily fish tank management will be managed by the installation side. In addition, the cost of breakdown and consumable replacement will be make by the installation side.
  • 2  There will be a separate charge for seawater exchange other than regular visits.
  • 3  Sometimes we are unable to handle nor support your requirements. please contact the person in charge for more details.


Flat Rate Plan

900 Gallon Type

Water tank body, attached equipment, simple inspection (once every 2 months), seawater exchange(once a year), repair cost
Fish tank size:
Terrarium size:
Water temperature:
Contract period:
3 years(1 year contract renewal from the 4th year)

1200 Gallon Type

Water tank body, attached equipment, simple inspection (once every 2 months), seawater exchange(once a year), repair cost
Fish tank size:
Terrarium size:
Water temperature:
Contract period:
3 years(1 year contract renewal from the 4th year)
  • After 3 years contract, it will be renewed for a year. After the end of the 6-years contract,we will replace the parts of the equipments with new ones and hand over the entire aquarium to the customer.
  • Contact us for more information about fish tank package, by clicking 【Inquiry】button.



A result of more than 3,500 water tank installation for restaurants

We are known as having a long history on supporting & building all types of fish tanks. From planning, designing to constructing live fish tanks. We provide maintenance services that will never fail to make your fish tank works both functionally and effectively. At the same time, we also offer a wide range of proposals, including management advice, design, techniques to attracts customers & more.

List of equipment that can be design and construct

Counter Type Fish Tank

Large Fish Tank

Live Fish Tranport Vehicle

Terrarium Fish Tank


Main Maintenance Work

Seawater exchange and filter media cleaning work

"It is recommended to replase the seawater once every 2 to 3 years.
Cleans the dirt accumulated in the filter and removes ammonia・nitrite・nitrate dissolved in seawater."

Radiator Cleaning

It is recommended to clean the filter every half a month and the radiator once in six months.

Diaphram Replacement (air pomp)

It is recommended to replace the diaphragm once a year. (clean the element once a month)
The air flow will turned poor and the machine itself will mulfunction if the diagram is torn or the element is clogged.
The best way is to replace the consumable parts regularly.

List of other maintenance items

UV germicidal lamp

Air pomp consumables

Underwater LED light

Bubble air

Circulation pump

Sea water exchange

Sea water cooler・Radiator cleaning

Case study

Case study - 1

Achieve on attracting different range of customers!

Type of Business

Sushi Chain Store


Wants to attract more customers with a low cost

Create something that related to live fishes which can gain more new customers


Install our original Uodol Fish Tank

・Flat rate plan
・Able to place anywhere according to restaurant requirements


Able to increase different types of menu/creation

We are able to create more types of menus after placing Uodol Fish Tank. Is place infront of the restaurant where customers are able to see the fishes swim. Since then, the environment in restaurant became way more fun. And naturally, customers started to bring up the conversation of the fishes. It could move around easily and we are able to decorate the fish tank and our restaurant with all sort of theme. We are very definitely happy with the result!

Case study - 2

Wants to increase sashimi orders by maintain a clean fish tank regularly

Type of Business

Izakaya Chain Store


Able to see active fishes swim in a healthy shape


A regularly maintenance service

・Always maintain a clean and hygenic fish tank
・Easy cleaning method that can be clean by anyone


Sashimi order increase while fishes swim hyper actively

After doing some comparison and research between other store, we finally got a counter type fish tank. Since then, our customers seem more delightful. We could even hear them chit chatting about the fishes. Not just only that, we also receive back good reviews regarding on our menu. Given with a big 5 stars for our fresh sashimi dishes which was out of our expectation.

Introduction flow



First to our company, please feel free to contact us by phone【(+81)042-392-2988】



We will listen to your requirements and suggest the most suitable fish tank. Then, a quote will be made.



Our experienced staff will carry out the installation work safely and skillfully.


Our equipment design department with many years of experience and achievements will build and install a fish tank according to customer's wish.

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Meeting on delivery conditions, etc.

You will have a meeting with the person in charge of delivery regarding on the conditions for delivery of live fish.

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We will deliver the first delivery of live fish based on the agreed delivery conditions.

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Follow Up Service

Our dedicated staff will deliver live fish and advice you on fish tank management.
In addition, our technicians will visit your store and give advice. Also, do regular inspection services.
※according to contract terms

Time required

Fish Tank Package Custom-made fish tank
Time required Usually 2 to 3 weeks About 1 month until fully installation

Delivery area

Fish tank and live fish can be deliver throughout the Kanto area. Partially paralyzed fish and live shellfish can be deliver all over Japan.

  •   Please contact us by phone【(+81)042-392-2988】for more information.