Food Hygiene Inspection

【Food Hygine Inspection Room】is fully equipped

Fish Interior bacteriology laboratory

ilac-MRA, PJLA Testing

In the recent years, consumers around the world have been more self aware of health consiousness, food safety and the importance of food taste. In this evolving world, we want to fully assure that every manufactured products are safe to consume. Therefore, our laboratory have established a system to test bacteria of each products based on the Food Sanitation Law. Including common bacteria, escherichiia coli, coliform, staphylococcus aureus & etc.
We will always assure the safetiness and taste of each processed product that was tested by us. And hope that everyone can intake it without any concerns.
※This is carried out according to the inspection method in Food Sanitation Inspection Guidelines Microorganisms Book, revised 2nd edition 2018

In our test site, we also accept inspection requests from other company. We also provide consultation requests for proceeding methods and improvement methods. We hope to improve and assure the safetiness of each processed products in Japan.