Our Strength

Total produce from delivery of live fish to production of high-quality natural flavor processed products, overseas export, water tank construction, installation & maintenance.


Stock up domestic live seafoods

We stockpile live fish and shellfish in our water tank which are collected through our own network from all over Japan. Since we have stock on hand, we are able to respond quickly and flexibility.

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Deliver by dedicated vehicles

Specialized staff will deliver & support on handling live seafoods that are collected from all prefecture in Japan. We deliver live seafoods to hotels and restaurants around metropolitan area.

※Nationwide courier service is also available. See more

Obtain an Int. Food Safety certification

Our factory motto is to provide and supply a high quality, safe and delicious fish processed product with assurance. We can handle any types of processed products, such as sashimi, simmered seafoods, seasoned dishes, sushi & etc. Also, options can be added upon request.

※Both main and Narita Factory have obtained FSSC 22000 certification See more

【Food Hygiene Inspection Room】
Fish Interior bacteriology laboratory

This test site is fully equipped with food bacteria inspection equipment that are based on the Food Sanitation Law. Requested products will go through a strict【inspection】⇒【result】will be given as we want to contribute the creation of【 safe and secure 】products.

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Deliver fresh & high quality Japanese products to the world.

Using the advantages of Narita by exporting products to Vietnam and other countries in Asia. We deliver the freshest and highest quality of Japanese products all over the world.

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Handmade Raw Yuba ・Soy Milk

Raw yuba are freshly made by using 100% pure domestic soybeans and natural water. The concept of raw yuba has been favor by many as it has a very light, fresh and smooth taste which contains lots of nutritious from the soy milk.

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From estimate installation to maintenance of water tank

Our experts with over many years of experience are there to support you. We provide customize water tank upon your request.

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Own direct sales store & cafeteria

Our cafeteria, Hamameshi Seafood Fish on the 2nd floor provides fresh seafood dishes with a side dish of handmade raw yuba. We offer fresh and great tenderness seafood dishes. There is also a direct sales store on the first floor that sells seafoods products and handmade yuba.

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