Privacy Policy

Welcome to Fish Interior. This privacy policy is set by FISH INTERIOR CO., LTD. to protect any business or individual’s personal information. We believe that this is an important acts of social responsibility to handle business and individual appropriately. Our Company, FISH INTERIOR CO., LTD. comply with law, legislation and regulations.
We respect every business and individual’s personal information by handling, use and manage properly under official policy.

Acquisition and Purpose Use of your personal information

At our company, we obtain the following information from our customers within the necessary scope for our busisess.
・name, addresss, contact number

We, Fish Interior will use the information provided by customers within the scope of the following purposes.
In addition, we will collect and process your personal information without any purposes and your consent.
1. To provide information of other services related to our business
2. To notify you about any update, information, promotion & etc
3. To send you various contents and samples

Management of personal information

We will manage your personal information which is provided by you with the following points below:
1, Ensure the accuracy of your personal information
Continuously updating your personal information that we have collected from you.
2. Security control measurements
We are committed to take appropriate measures designed to keep personal information secure. We have established a strict, administrative and physical procedures designed to protect personal information from accidental, unlawful or unauthorized loss, access, disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction.
3. Employee Control
Members of Fish Interior Family that receive personal information from customers are not authorized to use or disclose the information.
4. Retention and Disposal
We will keep your personal information for the duration that is necessary for the purpose set out. It will be be dispose completely once is out of use.

Information to third party service

We do not provide your personl information to third parties. A consent will be provided for any purpose.

Access To, Correction And Deletion Of Personal Information

If at any time you would like to access, correct, or delete personal information that we have collected from you, please contact us directly.